A three hour head underpainting. This model was only here for a week so unfortunately this was all that came of this painting. I think the likeness is one of my best so far.


Take Two

This is my second attempt at a drawing vs. a portrait. I think this is more successful than the last.

Nu pastel on mat board.

Portrait v. Painting

In our head drawing class, we’re working on the distinction between portraits and drawings. Trying to get my head drawings to be less portrait-y. This was my first try and I think it was fairly successful.


A 2 hour painting study.


Another warm/cool painting. The light that lit the model was warm, and the blanket under her was cool, so we got an interesting effect. I really like how this painting turned out.

3 hour figure painting study.

3 Hour Study

3 hour study. Learning about the affects of background color on flesh tones. I think this one turned out pretty nicely.

Newsprint 3

Newspaper Composition #3