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For nearly the past year I have been studying under J. Kirk Richards. As our semester draws to a close, we are having an end of the semester art show with several students.

Here’s a little sneak peak of some of the pieces you will be seeing at the show. Any pieces purchased before the show begins at 6 pm on Saturday are 20% off!! Leave a comment or email me at merrickwhite@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing a painting (I am happy to ship them to you if you live out of state)!

"Turbulent Figure III", (11"x14"), Oil on Paper, $270"

"Overpass", (18x24), Oil on Panel, $2170

"Field of Cows", (12"x18"), Oil on Panel, $1370

"Untitled", (8"x10"), Oil on Panel, $270

"Boat Dock", (4"x6"), Oil on Panel, $370

"Empty Street", (4"x6"), Oil on Panel, $370

"Untitled", (18x24), Graphite on Paper, $270

"Lombard", (6"x8"), Oil on Panel, $630

"Elisa", (12x18), Graphite on Paper, $200

"Taxis", (8"x10"), Oil on Panel, $930

"Turbulent Figure V" (6x8) Oil on Panel, $150

"Untitled" (18x24), Graphite on Paper, $270

"Lace Dress", (8x12), Oil on Panel, $230

"Orange Field" (4x6), Oil on Panel, $370


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New Stuff

I’ve been working on some new pieces for an upcoming show. I’ll share some photos of the individual paintings in the upcoming days.

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One of the most special paintings out of all the ones I did for my Christmas commissions was this one that I did for my dad.

This is me when I was three or four years old. I did a pastel drawing of this photo in high school, and then somehow it got lost after I left for college. My mom was devastated. So for one of my mom’s Christmas gifts, my dad commissioned me to do this painting. I love how it turned out, mostly because I love this photo.

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This was the only Christmas commission that I did with more than two subjects. I had to re-draw it about 10 times before I fit all of them all on to the 8×10 panel. Definitely happy with how it turned out, especially considering how tiny the faces were.

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Seasons Change

Probably the most challenging painting that I did for my Christmas commissions was this one. [sorry for the awful photo]

It was challenging first because the photo that was provided was from the 1950’s which meant it was extremely small, bad quality, and horrible color. Secondly, the reference photo was of the house in the dead of winter. Dead trees, inches of snow on the ground, etc. The woman who asked me to paint it said she wanted it to be a summer photo. She sent me a lengthy email describing the placement of trees, bushes, and flowers; she also told me what kinds of flowers were in each planter and flower bed. I took it from there and although it was a stretch, I’m pretty happy with how it came out. She was beyond thrilled and said it looked exactly how it was supposed to…glad to hear it.

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Another popular subject with my Christmas commissions was couples. Each of the people who commissioned these paintings paid extra for two subjects.

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The Big Red Barn

One of my Christmas commissions that I really enjoyed painting was this red barn. A wife was giving it as a gift to her husband…it’s been on their property for a long time and he LOVES this barn. She thought it would be a special gift for him. He loved it, of course.

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