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This painting followed the same assignment as the previous painting — focusing on exaggerating the perspective.

This angle was a little harder because I had more of a straight on full length body shot. But since her knees were pulled up, creating some leg foreshortening, I chose to exaggerate that. Also, the model has a beautiful curvy body, which is really fun to paint. So I used that to my advantage and WAY overexaggerated the curves of her hips.

I think this painting turned out pretty successfully. I usually work with a 1/4” round brush (per the request of our teacher), but since this painting had some large areas, I decided to paint with a my large gesso brush which covered more area more quickly and gave the painting interesting texture and brushstrokes.

ps. Sorry for the glare on the left side of the painting…


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In my composition class we’ve been doing more paintings. This week’s focus was perspective and exaggeration. As you can see, I worked on exaggerating the legs and feet, which were the closest body parts to me.

I think the composition is a kind of bad, but the painting itself is pretty good and as far as following the assignment, I think I did quite well. This was a fun project.

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This has been a long time coming….here is the final product for Jenny’s portrait. I gave it to her the day before we left on our cruise, which was a huge relief. She LOVED it. 

The last thing to make this commission complete is to bring her a stack of business cards so she can pass them out when people come over and see her painting. Hopefully I’ll get to that this week 🙂

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This was my third and final drawing of the night in composition class. The first one is below, the second one will stay off this sight (cause it was terrible), and this is the third. After struggling with the second painting, my teacher toned my paper for me, leaving large spots completely white and telling me I had to work with what he did and not fill in those large white sections. Halfway through the painting, Sean told me to stop looking at the model and JUST focus on making it a good painting. I did my very best and although it looks nothing like the model, I feel like it’s a fantastic painting. Again with this painting, the figure is only suggested with a few marks and blends nicely in with the background tone. Sean seemed to like it a lot, as did the model since she asked to take a picture of it. After a terrible #2 painting, I felt much better 🙂

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Last night we did paintings in my composition class. We were just working with one color (raw umber) and a medium. The exercise was to tone the paper, then do the most basic of blocking out the figure, then work through it a bit more to get accuracy, then taking paint away from the paper to make the highlights. 

I think this one turned out quite well. I’m really happy with the outcome and so was my teacher. Unfortunately I got a little big headed after a few compliments and totally bombed my second painting. But at least this one was good. 

The thing I like most about it is that I was able to suggest the figure with only a few marks. For example, on the figure’s right arm, I only drew the shadow the arm was casting across the body, and then made a slight highlight on the shoulder. Even with so few marks, you can see the arm because your brain fills in the rest of the figure. With most of my drawings I’m really accurate and precise, so this was a good exercise to pull me away from that and focus on making a good painting rather than a completely accurate painting. 

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Cast Drawing. I did this one about a week ago and after critiques by my teacher, I went back and fixed a few things. It’s looking much better. 

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Another cast drawing. I busted this one out in about 1 1/2 hours. I’m feeling more confident about putting my lines down and feel that I’m able to find the right shapes more quickly. I like seeing the progress. What do you think? 

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